Saturday, October 09, 2004

(Big) Dogs are Scary

Today, as I was canvassing my neighborhood for, I had my first run-in with a dog...a beast if you ask me. Now, I have come a long way in my opinion of dogs. There was a time in my life when I was so riddled with fear, I would choose my childhood friends based upon their ownership of a dog or not.

While visiting my Aunt Darlene on her farm in northern Minnesota, my fear began. My mom can't believe that I even have a memory of this, but I do. It is the memory of a two year old child who was out playing in the yard as her parents and family visited in the house. Who knows where my brother was...he was probably supposed to be watching me, but was playing elsewhere as any six year old would. Darlene's dog, a sandy-brown poodle, attacked me. Of course, poodles are tiny dogs, but to a two year old, it was huge. She bit onto my pant leg and growled for what seemed years. I screamed and no one heard my cries...or so I thought. Finally, an adult came out and scolded the poodle and I hated dogs from that point on. I wanted nothing to do with them.

Well, it took YEARS for me to want to be around a dog. Kirby was the first dog that became a friend. He was a Bichon who often tried to make my leg his girlfriend, but I still liked him. I was a lot bigger and knew if attacked, I could handle it. Of course, I like small dogs now. The big ones still really scare me.

So, today, when I saw this huge Pit Bull, I freaked out inside. He must have felt my fear because he saw me, looked like he was going to attack, and started to show me his teeth. I screamed a girly scream. His owner came over and yelled at the dog and then hit him. Then, I felt guilty for the fact that the dog was hit. However, I was glad that I was not mulled. My heart was pumping so fast that I had to stop canvassing and come home and regroup. During my walk home, I realized that the dog did not attack me because there must have been an invisible fence. But I didn't know that. I hate that when they don't say and people on walks just have to hope for the best.

I had a Diet Coke and calmed down.

I have a long ways to go until I can say I really like dogs...all dogs.

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