Saturday, October 23, 2004

I Scrap and Stamp, Therefore I Am

I am now a scrapbooker.

I made the leap today. I have been a stamper for sometime. I have been told that if I enjoy stamping, I would enjoy scrapbooking. Well, I am not very good compared to the elaborate scrapbooks that I have seen, but I want the pictures to remain the focus.

I went to a scrapbook workshop today and learned a few simple techniques. I decided that it would be unreasonable of me to scrapbook all of the pictures that I have taken in my adult life. So, I started with trips and vacations. I scrapped by New York City trip and my San Francisco trip today. I was excited to go home and scrap some more vacations. First, I brought out my Walt Disney World pictures and started to cut and crop. I finished the page with much pride. Then, I went to find our Las Vegas pictures. I didn't find enough to make a page. I paniced! Had I not taken pictures of the last four years? When I looked at my pictures, I saw lots of pictures of karaoke and weddings, but very few pictures of my family and vacations!

Thankfully, I have the digital camera now and take ten times the amount of pictures that I used to take. I just ordered the pictures from our St. Louis trip so that will be another page in my vacation scrapbook.
By the way...I did this scrapbook page all by myself and I am rather proud of it.

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Anonymous said...

Your scrapbook looks great!